A polish is always a product that contains an abrasive charge, unlike a wax whose purpose is to give a shine and protect the support.
Obviously, to bring back the shine on a tarnished surface, you need to remove a very thin layer of paint or gelcoat that has become porous and matt in time.
The difference between two types of polishes resides in the caliber of the abrasive charge, the solvents and the detergents allowing the removal of the surface layer.
The shine is obtained from the finest grains and the wax contained in the polish.

Here you will find products to treat hard surfaces, from removing black streaks from the floating line to giving a perfect shine and reflection to the windows on board.
This highly contributes to the stunning aspect of your yacht. When neglected, these are also the most obvious sign of a poor level of maintenance.
All these products offer an impeccable finish.

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On board a distinction is made between grey water (galley and bathroom sinks and showers) and black water (toilets). The holding tanks can be the source of bad smells and can create solid build ups blocking pipelines and floaters as well as causing thick solid layers of organic matter on the walls inside the tanks. Non-pathogenic bacteria and enzyme based biological formulations breakdown the organic waste. The effectiveness of ecological products is linked to the respect of their dosage, the period of renewal and their time of action. Never mix a chemical product with a biological formulation in a tank, this will put an end to its efficiency.

A ship is a set of complex and sometimes delicat mechanisms, exposed to harsh conditions. Most of these equipment require lubrication and/or adequate protection. You will find here the right product for the right use.

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This category of products contains cleaners and protectors for on board textiles and leathers (upholstery, bimini boat tops, cushions etc.), but also for surfaces known to become porous (tenders, boat covers, fenders etc ). Here you will find products targetting precise applications and combining effectiveness and safety for the treated surfaces. As for the other yacht departments, Clinazur recommends preventive care, instead of curative action. Regularly nourished and protected leather will age better and its maintenance will result simplified. In the same way, textiles such as boat covers and biminis that are protected will reduce the stagnation of water and therefore the formation of mould and fungi.

This category of products is for the most visible parts of yachts, and also for the most frequent intervention: the wash down. Here you will find products for the hull, the superstructure and the deck. Wash down soap, wash and wax, teak cleaner, teak sealer, boat cover cleaner and many other products fall into this category.
Although modern coatings are very durable, it is best to avoid using heavy duty cleaners frequently. In time they can tarnish the supports and make them more vulnerable to UV, salt and oxidisation. Keep in mind that a regular maintenance avoids the use of aggressive products. Clinazur offers a variety of solutions to suit every need: routine wash down, thorough cleaning and stubborn stain removal.

The marine environment, the sunlight and the weather alter all exposed materials. Oxidisation, rust and the streaks it creates are the main symptoms. The products below allow us to counteract all of these issues.

These products provide simple and effective solutions for degreasing and deodorizing bilges and engine rooms aswell as for converting rust into a ready to be painted hard surface.