Glass protect

803 Glass protect


The 803 glass protect is enriched in polymers and provides a long lasting protection for glass. Its hydrophobic action makes glass water repellent and significantly reduces deposits of salt, scale and other water marks. It is effective 6 to 8 weeks (depending on the washdown frequency). It's a perfect complement for our 802 cleaner, and considerably simplifies futur cleaning.


Ethyl alcohol / isopropyl alcohol.



Appearance / Odour

Liquid / characteristic

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Directions for use:

- Use on clean glass, dry and free from all grease marks, salt and scale. Average dosage: 2L/ 50m² for 2 layers.
- Spread the product evenly with a soft, clean cloth vertically.
- Make sure that the entire surface has been treated: corners, edges, etc.
- Leave to dry 2 min (20 ° C) before applying a second coat horirzontally.
- Once the second coat is dry, wipe with a wet sponge and polish with a soft, dry cloth to obtain a shiny and smooth surface

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