Metal polish

920 Metal polish


Our 920 is a a chrome and stainless steel polish. Its abrasive formulation allows it to deoxidize, protect and give chrome, stainless steel and copper a shine. It is also suitable for removing micro-scratches and restoring gelcoat and painted surfaces giving them a bright shine.


Heavy naphtha, <0.1% benzene, C12-C14 fatty alcohol ethoxylates



Appearance / Odour

Liquid cream / characteristic

Compatibility / supports

Metals like chrome or stainless steel, painted surfaces and gelcoat finishing touches

Directions for use:

-\ Apply on a clean and dry surface.
-\ Use a small amount of 920 on a damp sponge and polish the surface to be treated in regular circular mouvements until it is almost completely dry.
- Finally wipe with a soft cloth or a dry cotton wool.
- Repeat the operation if necessary.
- Note: The 920 is a "finishing" polish reserved to metals or finishing work on the gelcoat and painted surfaces.

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