Calcium stain remover for glass

910 Calcium stain remover


Water marks and calcium deposits highly impact a yachts aspect and often are an indicator of the level of maintenance.
910 is a true glass restorer, this polishing powder is used to remove scale deposits, water stains, residues of kerosene and all other imbedded marks.
Clinazur's 910 is exclusively used for the treatment of glass and should not be applied on polycarbonate or any other plastic materials.


Reaction mixture containing compound(s) of rare earth(s)



Appearance / Odour

Powder / odourless

Compatibility / supports

Glass and ceramics

Directions for use:

- Mix the powder with a little bit of water until obteining a homogeneous paste.
- Apply the paste evenly on the surface to be treated with a damp sponge or buffing machine (low to medium speed).
- Polish the glass in circular mouvements.
- Rinse the treated surface with clear water before drying with paper towels.

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