Hull and deck cleaner

205SI Hull and deck cleaner
205SI Hull and deck cleaner


First born of the Clinazur brand in 1983, 205SI is a highly concentrated alkaline detergent. It allows an efficient cleaning of painted surfaces, plastics, stainless steel, wood and metals without any danger for the treated surfaces. 205SI quickly removes the static film, dirt and salt deposits. Its phosphates-free formulation, and its concentration allow a regular use at a low dosage.


Contains sodium hydroxide.
Contains 5% or more but less than 15%: non-ionic surfactants, and edta salts.



Appearance / Odour

Liquid / Characteristic

Compatibility / supports

Metal and painted surfaces, plastics, sails, awnings , etc.

Directions for use:

- 205SI is used diluted, 1 volume of product for 20 volumes of water (5%).
- Wet the surfaces to be treated before spraying the product or applying it with a soft brush.
- Leave for a few minutes and rub the stubborn marks, then rinse thoroughly with clear water.
- Avoid letting the product dry before rinsing.

Dangerous product, follow safety instructions

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