Descaler for condensers & cooling systems

118 Descaler for condensers
118 Descaler for condensers


118 is a color code descaling agent safe on water seals, most plastics, rubber and non-ferrous metals.
In one simple application, it easely eliminates scale from pipes, closed circuits, boilers etc... and due to its changing color while circulating; it informs the user of the operations progress.


Contains sulfamic acid



Appearance / Odour

Red liquid / characteristic

Compatibility / supports

Condensers, closed circuits

Directions for use:

- Dilute 1 volume of product every 4 volumes of water, a dosage of 20%.
- Its action is accelerated if the diluted solution is at 50 ┬░ C
- Leave for a few minutes.
-The mixture has a color code to indicate its action. At first the product is red. When the mixture in circulation is descaling it turns yellow, once the mixture remains red, its action is finished.
- Drain and rinse with clean water.

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