Oxalic acid

202 Oxalic acid
202 Oxalic acid


Renowned for its cleaning and bleaching properties, oxalic acid is a classic of naval maintenance. From whitening oxidized hulls to teak maintenance, the 202 is a reliable and economical asset.
NB: It is a stable solution diluted up to 11% in water.


Oxalic acid



Appearance / Odour

Solid powder, granular / Odourless

Compatibility / supports

Teak and exotic woods.

Directions for use:

- Use pure for heavy duty cleaning.
- Use diluted at 11% maximum for regular maintenance (1,1Kg for 10L of water).
- Wet the deck and hull to avoid stains during the wash down. Apply with a hard brush. Rub vigorously across the wood fibers to facilitate th soaking. Leave on 10 to 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with clear water while brushing to remove the last dirt marks.

Dangerous product, follow safety instructions

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