Glass polish

910L Glass polish


910 Is our ready to use genuine glass restorer. 910L is a polishing paste for removing calcium deposits, water marks, kerosene residues and all other stains.
It's only used for treating glass and must not be applied on polycarbonate or other plastic materials.


Reaction mixture containing compound (s) of rare (s) earth (s)



Appearance / Odour

Paste / characteristic

Compatibility / supports

Glass, ceramic.

Directions for use:

- Clean the surface.
- Wet the surface.
- Apply the paste evenly on the surface to be treated with a damp sponge or buffing machine
(Low to medium speed).
- Polish the glass circularly until the complete elimination of the product. Avoid long steady applications in small areas to prevent the heating of the glass.
- Rinse the treated surface with fresh water before drying it with paper towels.

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