PTFE polish

918 PTFE polish


Clinazurs 918 is a PTFE-based polish cream that gives a shiny finish to painted surfaces.
This polish is particularly recommended for dark colors. 918 leaves a long lasting protective film and gives a water-repellent effect to gelcoat and paintwork.


Contains Hydrocarbons, C9-C11, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, Cyclics, <2% aromatics.



Appearence / Odour

Liquid, cream / solvent

Compatibility / supports

Painted surfaces.

Directions for use:

- Shake before use.
- Apply on a clean and dry surface.
- Apply the product pure, with a microfiber, polish in circles.
- Leave to dry, then polish with a clean and dry cloth or with a polishing machine, make sure the rotating speed is fast enough to "warm" the PTFE molecules (the WFCL requires a certain amount of heat to be active) but not too fast, to avoid the risk of burning the same molecules and make them ineffective.

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