Bilge & engine degreaser

02 Bilge & engine super degreaser
02 Bilge & engine super degreaser


Resulting from the latest innovations in green chemistry, 02 combines efficiency and respect of the environment.
Formulated with vegetable esters, it is ideal for treating surfaces contaminated by oil and grease.
02 is a non-foaming, colorless and non-emulsifying degreaser,
it dissolves and accelerates the degradation of the molecular chains of pollutants.



Appearance / Odour



7 (≥6) (the product may become acid over time)

Compatibility / supports

Bilges, engines, mechanical parts.

Directions for use:

- To clean bilges and engines, spray the product on pure or diluted 10-20% in water. Apply by spraying or with a brush. Leave for about 10 minutes before rinsing with clear water.

In case of thick grease, it may be necessary to reinforce its action by brushing.

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