Bilge deodorizer

06P Bilge deodorizer
06P Bilge deodorizer


06 P Is powerful eucalyptus scented deodoriser. In one go 06P effectively treats odours due to the emanation of petroleum products, hydrocarbons and sludge present in the bilges. Easy to use in any emergency case, 06P gives back to engine rooms the scent everybody likes to enjoy.


Alpha pinene, eucalyptol



Appearance / Odour

Liquid / eucalyptus perfume

Compatibility / supports

Bilges and bilge water.

Directions for use:

- Spray: Prepare a solution with 1 volume of 06P and up to 20 volumes of water (5%). Spray the solution onto the surfaces to be deodorized.
- Dispersion: pour 06P directly into the bilge. Add water and stir the mixture mechanically. Pump and rinse with fresh water.

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