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About Clin'Azur


Clin’Azur brand was created in 1983 in Antibes, in response to a problem: the maintenance of luxury yachts. The aim is to face the multiple technical constraints and to satisfy a very demanding customers in terms of both quality and profitability, and service.

The experience and success acquired over the years allowed him to occupy a prominent place among operators of units prestigious : crews, captains, managers.

With this reputation, Clin'Azur has naturally imposed in the boating place. The establishment of close collaboration with various partners, distributors and building sites in Europe (including the Mediterranean very involved in the yachting) allowed him to make it accessible to everyone. Its international presence as in the United States has also encouraged its expansion, thus following closely the quadrupling of the number of mega yachts in 25 years.

Clin'Azur is now assured of a solid expertise and dynamic formulations based on more efficient and more environmentally friendly. It is also a new quality policy established in cooperation with independent organizations and of control.

Thus, the brand is committed to a proactive approach focused on sustainable development, combining for better efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Finally, the policy defined initially focused on the "Grand Yachting" is more than ever, adopting a development approach in line with the new user requirements.

If our daily challenge is to obtain and maintain recognition, our ambition is to serve them where they need our products, that is to say, in all countries to host the pleasure navy.

Enfin, la politique définie initialement, focalisée sur le Grand Yachting, est plus que jamais d’actualité, en adoptant une logique de développement en phase avec les nouvelles exigences des utilisateurs.